Windshield protection film in Aurora

DYNOflex windshield film protection possesses the most leading and innovative film technology on the current market. Features Anti-Delamination and Non-Cracking properties, built to Resist Chips, Cracks, Scratches, and all other forms of Road Damage. Offers you an invisible layer of armour over your windshield glass.




Cap Sheet
Protects film before use
Top Coat
Hydrophobic and scratch-resistant
Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)
For easy installation
Release Liner
Protects film before use

The DYNOflex windshield film, produced by STEK Automotive, is a clear multilayered film based on thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) with a 180 μm thickness and 99% UV rejection properties. Highly elastic TPU layers design, allows DYNOflex windshield protection film to absorb and disperse even the strongest of shocks. Thanks to its hydrophobic and UV rejection effects, DYNOflex also offers excellent weatherproofing, effectively preventing damage caused by harsh climates. Once installed by our professional VIP team, it offers continuous protection that eliminates the need for glass replacement, ADAS sensor recalibration, and other costly repair procedures.

Maintenance and Performance

  • DYNOflex offers a 1-year manufacturer warranty covering any manufacturing defects.
  • To get the most life from DYNOflex, we recommend applying Waterless Eco-Friendly and Economical Solution to the top-coat once every month or as needed to bring back hydrophobic and rejuvenate optical clarity.
  • An additional ceramic coating after 3 to 6 months could help minimise wiper use and maximise the lifespan of the product.
High impact resistance, Non-cracking, 99% UV Protection
Anti-delamination, Outstanding clarity
Tight bonding ensures good coating adhesion. Matches all windshield windows including the one that are equipped with rain sensing wipers, HUD and ADAS system.

Reasons Why You Need Windshield Protection Film

Delamination used to be the biggest issue in the windshield protection film market and customers were consistently returning to the shops due to the loss of coating adhesion to a surface or between coating layers. STEK Automotive proposes advanced windshield protection film technology with anti-delamination and non-cracking properties. This means a tight bonding between the film and the windshield which resists the penetration of water to the interface. This mechanical bond is really important in terms of ensuring good coating adhesion, coating’s strength and durability, as well as the material’s aesthetic appearance.
DYNOflex multilayered windshield protection film is built to resist chips, cracks, scratches, and all other forms of road damage. In competitive analysis, DYNOflex offers twice more resistance to road damage thanks to its thickness and multilayered construction engineering which effectively absorb and disperse even the strongest of shocks. STEK’s DYNOflex windshield protection film also delivers superior hydrophobic properties which effectively and efficiently repels debris, water, snow, and ice.
Altogether, DYNOflex windshield protection film is incredibly resilient and flexible. It delivers enhanced strength and UV resistance for your vehicle, maintaining ultimate structural integrity and dramatically reducing the occurrence of cracks, chips, and scratches.