Сar window tinting in Markham

Automotive Window Tint isn't just about your privacy & keeping a low profile.
Get the maximum protection against external elements!
car window tint
Vehicle-Specific, High Quality and Precise Pre-Cut templates.
window tint
Matches all Factory Windows Including the Privacy Glass.
Lifetime Warranty
99% UV Protection
Infrared Heat Rejection (IR)
Increased Privacy & Security
Window tinting
Protect against distortion of interior parts and discolouring of upholstery, adding longevity and value to your car.
The Privacy Glass

At VIP CAR PROTECTION, we deliver the latest and most innovative window tint film technology. Multiple film shades and features to choose from with crystalline, colour stable, and infrared heat rejection features that provide comfort, safety and protection.

Ceramic window tint ensures years of performance and protection.
Window tinting
Unlike dyed and hybrid based window films that often fade, deform and discolour over time, ceramic window tint film will never change colour or fade even after years of exposure to direct sunlight.
Add an additional layer of safety and strong glass resistance which could help prevent damage in an accident.
Window tinting
Enhance your day & night privacy and improve the appearance of your vehicle to make it modern, sophisticated, and attractive.
A boat
Newly custom made Yacht Window Tinting Package! Ideal UV, heat and glare protection to yacht owners, crew and guests onboard.


Heat (IR)
Never Have to Get Worry About Burning Skin On Hot Upholstery.
Our Ceramic Film Blocks Over 99% of harmful UV Rays (UVA and UVB).
SPF 1,000
Help Shield You From Serious Vision Issues In The Long Run.
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Multiple film shades

Window tint ranges from 5 to 70 percent corresponding to dark, midnight, medium, light and very light tint shade. Visible Light Transmission Percentage (VLT%) means X % of the visible light passes into the vehicle. A lower VLT rating tends to be better for glare control, while a higher rating is preferred for maintaining natural light.








We provide several packages designed specifically for your needs

car protection

We offer free client consultation to assess your needs and protect your vehicle with the most suitable products and packages to make your vehicle look amazing and remain comfortable for years.

We also guarantee a lifetime warranty on installation and manufacturing defects in the film.